EDF - Technical Assistance for Justice Sector Reform Programme


Страна: Мавритания
Язык: EN FR
Номер: 7996878
Дата публикации: 24-02-2018
Источник: TED
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1.Publication referenceEuropeAid/139507/IH/SER/MR


3.Programme nameJustice sector reform support programme (Programme d"appui à la réforme de la justice-PARJ)

4.Financing11th EDF — Financing agreement MR/FED/2017/040-188

5.Contracting authorityTheNational Authorising Officer for the EDF, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Nouakchott, Mauritania.

6.Nature of the contractUnit price

7.Contract descriptionThe overall objective of the PARJ programme is to improve the rule of law through the promotion of good governance and the protection of human rights in Mauritania.The programme aims to achieve 4 results:(i) strengthening the steering capacity of the Ministry of Justice and the implementation of sectoral policy;(ii) improving the functioning of the penal and penitentiary chain;(iii) improving access to justice;(iv) strengthening judicial and prison infrastructures.Within this framework, the main objective of technical assistance will be to ensure the coordination of the entire programme, institutional support and the management and implementation of the programme estimates under indirect governance.

8.Indicative budget2 400 000 EUR

9.Scheduled date for publication of the contract noticeMarch 2018

10.Additional InformationLaunching the call for tenders with a suspensive clause pending the entry into force of the programme’s financing agreement.

11.Legal basisAnnex IV to the Partnership Agreement between the members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States of one part, and the European Community and its Member States, of the other part, signed in Cotonou on 23.6.2000 as amended in Luxembourg on 25.6.2005 and in Ouagadougou on 22.6.2010. Reference is made to Annex IV as revised by Decision 1/2014 of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers of 20.6.2014.For candidates and tenderers from the United Kingdom: it should be stressed that, as from the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union, the rules on access to the Union"s procurement procedures for economic operators established in third countries will apply to candidates and tenderers from the United Kingdom, depending on the outcome of the negotiations. If such access is not provided for by the legal provisions in force, candidates and tenderers from the United Kingdom may be excluded from the procurement procedure.